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"New Jersey is Rock n Roll to the core. And LEEDS are about as Jersey as you can get!"

                    -Classic Rock Magazine

On Connor Bracken: "You're the young Rock God! Smash!"

            -Ron Bennington, SiriusXM

"This is the type of rock that will not let you stand still and will give people sick of modern music a breath of fresh air."

            -Switchbitch Magazine

"Simply raw Rock N Roll at its finest!"

    -Tim Louie, The Aquarian Weekly

 "...raucous, high-energy, thoroughly enjoyable set... an authentic sound that embraces fast-paced rock and roll, with hints of the jump blues, R & B, and funk rock..."


"Connor Bracken fearlessly leads his Mother Leeds Band with hip-shaking, rock and roll, reminiscent of Southside Johnny and early Springsteen."


"... f***ing killer! That, to me, is Rock and Roll... The guitar sound is incendiary!" 

            -Gail Bennington, SiriusXM

"CBMLB are serving up a combination of classic and edgy verve, delivered as if they have  been doing so for decades and still love every minute of it."



   Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band play the Rock and Roll music and are based in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

In 2023, Mother Leeds Band released 3 new singles which has signaled their commitment to the high energy, guitar driven sound that their loyal fans have come to expect. Their unique sound translates to the live stage with a show that leaves all in attendance thrilled. For proof of their live chops, one can listen to the band's most recent live album of their show at the House Of Independents from 8.6.21. 

Their previous full length album 2020's  "Nightbird Motel" had already cemented their standing as Asbury Park's emissary of blues rock. A cohesive collection of rockers, Nightbird Motel captures the live energy of the band and their distinctive guitar driven melodies. One after the other, the tunes keep coming, knocking you over and then lifting you to your feet. They followed up that record with a live edition called "The Nightbird Sessions".

Mother Leeds Band is quietly working on a new record  which will be further evidence of their growth and their facility for bangers.

Guitarist Connor Bracken fronts the band that includes drummer Rich Seyffart, bassist TJ Haefner and guitarist Dee Dimeola.

 The band initially opened eyes and ears with their first full length LP The Light In The Day in 2016. Recorded live in the studio on April 9th, 2016, the final product is 10 rock songs that prove you don't need more than one day to make a great album. 2019 saw the release of their live album "Wonderful Year" which helped build their reputation as one of the best live shows around.

CLASSIC ROCK magazine and SiriusXM Radio has featured the band, which helped kick open the door to the rest of the country.

MLB has toured from Boston to Nashville, leaving new fans in their wake. Seeing The Mother Leeds Band live is a must. With new music hot off the presses, the band has elevated their live set to new heights.

“New Jersey is rock 'n' roll to the core. And LEEDS are about as Jersey as you can get!” CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE SEPT.2016

BENNINGTON debuts LEEDS' Like A Dog - The Bennington Show
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